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Editorial: Air corridor boosts economy

Will the air corridors program of the government really boosts up economy? The history of the past air corridor and its implementation in proper way, suggests yes. Noting landlocked geographical point of Afghanistan, air corridor alongside trade routes, possibly will highly play significant role in bolstering economy. The expansion of air corridor marks momentous for economic development. The implementation of the first air freight initiative between Afghanistan and India in 2017 has given major impetus to increase its footprint to other countries like Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Kazakhstan and Dubai. All of them reported successfully so far with hope of plenty success at the future. Taking note over economic improvement, the air corridor program has set progressive benchmark in a span of one year. This is a great achievement. There is a lot of possibility and potentiality. We have so many high-quality goods, including fresh and dry fruits to send abroad by air corridors. It is important to understand the positive outcome that has been achieved through economic development initiatives, which is an indispensable and pertinent factor for the country’s growth. Recently air corridor between Kabul and Jeddah opened. This air connectivity would raise hopes of giving a major boost to commerce Afghanistan and other states. Indeed the cost of air corridor is much more higher than land routes. But since the distance involved is not too long, the air freight corridor could be viable. Land routes could be very much effective and also cheap, but sometimes we are not allowed to have direct trade. For instance, Pakistan—a state sponsoring terrorism, allows Afghanistan to send a limited amount of perishable goods over its territory to India, but, India was not allowed to send any import through Pakistan. That’s why President Ashraf Ghani and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi decided to establish the air corridor after Pakistan rejected calls by the Afghan leader to let Afghanistan engage in direct trade with India. Anyways there is hope air corridors between the two courtiers would boost annual trade to $1 billion in upcoming years and give a lift to exports of Afghanistan’s agricultural and carpet industries. In another prospect, the idea of air corridor is to reach global markets. This totally indication that Afghanistan is undergoing significant economic transformations and the trend of development is going speedily well. The ongoing efforts and strengthening business relations with several countries by air, has exhibited perspectives of self-reliance and economic welfare with effective engagement in the region.

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