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Editorial: More air corridors to open

We started several air corridors with different countries and have been very successful—this is what makes us more optimistic on the trend that could fulfill all the needs by air. Currently, flight under air freight corridor with some countries is operational that has been making trade easier between countries. With India—the time tested friend of Afghanistan, we have two trade corridors, one from Kabul and another from Kandahar. This is a great achievement since our neighbor, and number one support of the militant outfits, Pakistan is always making headache by not allowing its land to use for trade purposes between Kabul and New Delhi. Moreover, last year, Afghanistan opened air corridors to India and Kazakhstan, exporting 2,500 fresh fruit and medical herbs through 86 flights, according to the chamber of commerce and industries. Anyways, this is just a start point as plan is underway to open two near air corridors soon with Turkey and Saudi Arabia with sole aim of increasing exports and decrease imports. The air corridor to Turkey would be opened this week, while another one would link Afghan businessmen next week to Saudi Arabia. It must not be forgotten that the government also has plans to open another corridor to the United Arab Emirates within a month, and also with Germany and some other countries that its work has been in progress. It is worth mentioning that the National Unity Government has plans to increase the volume of the country’s exports by one billion US dollars by creating several more air corridors this year. According to statistics with the Ministry of Commerce and Industries, the country’s exports stood at $800 million last year. The new corridors between Turkey and Saudi Arabia have been surfaced when both the countries are interested not only in investing in Afghanistan but also to help the country’s efforts in reaching peace. Turkish investors are interested investing in different sectors. The glad tiding is that first shipment containing 15 tons of commercial goods would be exported from Afghanistan to Turkey at the end of this week. Accordion to officials, dried and fresh fruits, carpets, herbs, precious and semi-precious stones and animal hide would be among goods to be being exported to Turkey via the air corridor. Indeed, with opening of these air corridors, new chapter would be opened in trade history of our country. These developments are a clear sign of President Ashraf Ghani’s focus on economic growth which is giving trustable wings to the future economic developments of the country.


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