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Editorial: Air pollution a major health risk

Air pollution in Kabul, the capital city maybe hastening to death of hundreds of people each year that have been required an urgent step to get rid of. Walking on Kabul streets is deadly as thick columns of smoke emitting from brick kilns and factories, bumper-to-bumper vehicle producing harmful gases, malodorous garbage piled in hot weather on the sides of the roads, and paths, and etc… that have been creating several types of disease putting in danger the Kabul citizens. This is absolutely invisible killer stalking in the capital city. Epidemiological studies indicate that cardiovascular and respiratory disease resulting from air pollution in Kabul is increasing crude mortality rate by passing each day. Besides that lack of sanitary facilities, water shortages and low standard of life and dense population of the city on the other hand make living more challengeable for the citizens. It is a fact that significant rise in the number of people moving to the capital in recent years, Kabul resident have been breathing increasingly polluted air. Vehicle emissions, diesel generator fumes and the smoke from the dozens of brick-making kilns situated on the city’s outskirts make parts of the air pollution that ends up with causing major health risk that at some stages result in deaths. During winters the situation gets worse as people burn wood, coal, oil and other plastic materials which are dangers for the environment to warm their residence and office. Previously it was reported that a lot of breathing-related sickness have become common in Kabul and this is due to pollution. It would not be exaggeration to say that Kabul air was once filled with aroma of so many wild flowers. Unlike in the past decades of war, breathing has recently become hazardous due to mounting air pollution. Hospitals across the Kabul overwhelmed with patients, young and old, suffering from the respiratory chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. This is due to bad air pollution. At the same time the High Commission on Prevention of Environmental Pollution has expressed its concerns about increasing air pollution in Kabul city, demanding practical steps in regard. The commission members during briefing their activities to the Chief Executive Officer Abdullah Abdullah, have called the air pollution level in Kabul as a matter of concern and sought effective steps to overcome it. Across the globe each year people die due to different pollution related problems. The key to live a healthy life is to identify the sources of air pollution and implement practical ways so that you can help stop air pollution. Now the National Unity Government is fully aware that what cases air pollution, thus expectation goes high over immediate performances of the related government institutions to at least to decrease if not completely stop pollution.


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