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Editorial: Air pollution

 Like other Asian countries, Afghanistan is also facing air pollution problem, causing worst kind of chest and throats diseases to people, especially to thousands of dwellers from Kabul capital. In according to recent reports, almost hospitals and clinics at Kabul are jam-packed by patients facing chest, throats and other diseases. On such grounds the health and environment protection commission of the Wolesi Jirga (the Lower House of Parliament) summoned officials from the Ministry of Public Health and the National Environmental Protection Agency (NEPA) over Kabul air pollution. MPs have asked officials to take measures to manage the air pollution in Kabul as it has become a serious problem. Though public health officials say the current air pollution in Kabul doesn’t call for an emergency, but it is a matter of concern and should be managed in terms of environmental protection. Even the related official citing their statistics in different parts of Kabul city, said, in reality the situation is not so bad to announce an emergency and tell people not to leave their houses. Whatever might be justification on the part of Ministry of Public Health but the situation in Kabul city is again alarming due to failure of municipality, Health and other government functionaries. On one side due to growing violent acts and terror, people from different rural areas are slipping to urban cities especially to Kabul whereas they feeling them as safe and sound. On the other hand, the failure of housing and municipal bodies of streamlining construction of houses, towns and new markets in the cities. Likewise the transport and police department had also failed in blocking running of old, out dated and damaged vehicles on capital roads. Similarly sale, purchase and use of sub-standard medicines throughout Afghanistan also causing diseases even epidemic diseases to already poverty and war stricken civilians. Amidst chilly cold and rough weather, Kabul citizens are using coal and oil to keep them warms. Afghanistan is still in state of war and lacking resources for overcoming health, environment, municipal, transport and other issues, which directly affecting lives of innocent and helpless people. Afghanistan is already on top of World Health Organization (WHO), UNICEF and other UN bodies, engaged in serving the ailing humanity throughout the world. But performances of these UN bodies are disappointing. Afghanistan government needs to approach these UN bodies for timely combating these challenges, erupted with air pollution like issues.

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