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Editorial: Alarming violence needs to be averted

Amidst expediting peace efforts on the part of US Special envoy Dr. Zalmay Khalilzad, violence acts are on rise throughout Afghanistan. President Ashraf Ghani in his latest statement confirmed killing of over 38,000 soldiers as a result of violent and terrorist acts during a period of three years. Whereas over 70 personnel of US troops were also fell victims of terror and violent acts. Violent data show unprecedented rise in terror attacks during June-October, when the Afghans were engaged in electing members to this parliament. Even before of parliamentary elections results, President Ashraf Ghani has not only made public his intention of going to contest for another term but even he said whatever might be situation Presidential elections will be held on time. But Zakmay Khalilzad has said, “unless complete return of peace and national wide reconciliation, elections are meaningless in Afghanistan.” Zalmay Khalilzad is right that holding of elections couldn’t resolve the Afghan conflict. But before of presidential and parliamentary elections, Afghans needs to embrace each others in the country and national wise reconciliation. No one can neglect the elections rigging charges and confrontation during 2014 Presidential elections, which were concluded when the US imposed a new power sharing formula on the pretext of so-called National Unity Government. The foes and rivals who have accused and abused each others during month’s long election campaign finally forced to remain each other’s partners in the National Unity Government. The National Unity Government remained scattered and divided on each and every internal and external issues. Friendly countries remain confused whether to extend invitation and welcome President or Chief Executive first. Even on some of the international forums, organizers left with no other option except awarding equal protocol to both Ghani and Abdullah. Instead of addressing wishes and expectations of war stricken Afghans both President and Chief Executive remain engaged in strange pulling for power, authorities, protocol on abroad trips and adjusting of supporters and allies against important and attractive government and diplomatic offices. Its crystal clear that the already decades old wars affected Afghans very badly, and their first demand is peace to be restored. In such a circumstances, responsibility rests with no other than President Ghani and CEO Abdullah to realize needs of peace and tranquility which is much more essential then of holding polls. Unless and until return of complete and durable peace, holding of elections and electing of influential’s to parliament is nothing else a futile exercise.

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