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Editorial: Alarming violence

Violent acts aimed at sabotaging the political and democratic process in Afghanistan now touching its peak. Increasing violent acts, especially deadly suicide attacks against civilians, candidates and their supporters has not only put at stake reputation of Afghan government but becoming a huge question before US, UN and other members of global community making tall claims regarding return of peace and tranquility in Afghanistan. In the latest act of violence, a parliamentary candidate was killed along with his seven supporters after his office was ripped by a suicide bombing in southern Helmand province on Tuesday afternoon. The suicide attacker stormed and blew himself up inside the office of Saleh Mohammad Achekzai parliament candidate in Lashkargah. Achakzai the candidate along with his seven supporters was killed and 11 other supporter wounded in the incident. In a period of two days it was the second terrible terrorist attack against ongoing electioneering process in Afghanistan. All these two violence acts occurred on the days when US Special envoy Zalmay Khalilzad and a team of Financial Action Task Force are in Islamabad in a bid to convince Pakistan for realizing its due role in bringing an end to terror in according to its commitments. The Taliban militants are making frequent threats of sabotaging the election process whereas US Special Envoy along with United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arab are apparently making hectic efforts to convince Taliban militants for assembling across a table to help in getting a negotiated settlement to long awaiting conflict. So far Taliban are reluctant to do so, thus making ironic the Afghans on one but rest of US led allies on the other. No one can neglect the fact that Pakistan since a long is being blamed for its support and patronization of militants, engaged in deadly violent acts in Afghanistan. Pakistan time and again denying such allegations but it never denounced the deadly terrorist taking place in Afghanistan and claimed by its one time favorite Taliban militants- now scattered in several groups and factions. Afghan leadership time and again made it clear of whatever might be the consequences they will go for completion of the election process. Such determination is in fact is in democracy, therefore, responsibility rests with the democratic world to help the Afghans for completing the election process in a peaceful atmosphere. Though certain anti-peace, anti-Afghans and even anti-democratic elements within the region are jubilating violent acts across Afghanistan but they must knew that these war flames couldn’t be made confined inside this war stricken country. Terror and violence in any way or in any part of the world is harmful to the very interest of whole world and human beings. It is the time for US, UN and rest of peace loving members of global community to come forward and help the Afghans in getting peace and getting the goals of an independent, autonomous and powerful parliament, which is possible with global unity against terrorists and their mentors.

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