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Editorial: Almost are active but silence in Qatar

Amidst Taliban’s refusal to talk with American envoy at Riyadh Saudi Arabia and shake hands with own Muslim Afghan brothers in face to face meeting, the US and Afghanistan government have intensified efforts in a bid to get politically resolve the long standing Afghan conflict. US Special Envoy Dr Zalmay Khalilzad is landing in the region on over a 10 days long trip. Besides visiting Kabul and Islamabad, he also plans to visit UAE, Saudi Arabia, New Delhi and Beijing also. Before commencing of Khalilzad prolong trip to the region, Afghanistan Peace Commission chief Muhammad Omar Daudzai already arrived in Islamabad whereas he beside meeting Foreign Minister Shah Mahmud Qureshi also met nationalist politician Asfandyar Wali Khan and others. Objectives if both Khalilzad and Daudzai is same and similar but approaches are different. Khalilzad in according to US strategies going ahead with his plan which is dubious and lacking trust of not only Afghans but also in rest of peace loving people from all over the region. Little before arrival of Khalilzad, Taliban Qatar office first made announcement of its refusal to fly to Riyadh in connection with talks with US and later on they announced of didn’t shaking hands with the earlier at Doha. Now it is premature to say that whether Taliban would remain firm on their decisions in Qatar like a country. But one thing is very clear that Taliban would not go to betray Saudi Arabia. Through such type of tactics Taliban are making attempt to safeguard their and mentor’s interests in future. Taliban and Pakistan’s partnership is not only an open secret but exposed before rest of the world. Pakistan in the light of its patronage to Taliban is now under tremendous pressure, therefore, now its leadership needs to revise its acts and actions. No one can deny the fact that Afghanistan government is a key fact to the issue. One having the right to oppose but no one can neglect the fact that Afghanistan government is legitimate as elected by citizens in according to constitution. The constitution is adopted by Loya Jirga, comprises genuine representatives of the people. And without involvement/participation of Afghanistan government no one could resolve the issue. If anyone make 1992 like attempts of imposing Peshawar Accord, then its outcomes would not be different from past. Now it is the time for Taliban, US and Pakistan to recognize Afghanistan government as a party, which is the sole way to resolution. Nationalist politician Asfandyar Wali Khan is right in his thinking that ignoring Afghanistan is meant continuation of war and hostilities in Afghanistan. One must keep in mind that renaming of Al Qaeda into Daesh would not be confined to geography of Afghanistan but it would affect the whole region. Instead of playing a role of silent spectators, US and Pakistan needs to curtail the future dangers by early settlement to Afghan conflict through peaceful and political means.

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