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Editorial: ANDSF, bravest protectors of Afghanistan

The Afghan National Defense and Security Forces are the bravest protectors of our country with rendering huge sacrifices for their motherland aimed at defending it from vicious circles. They have been strongly fighting the sworn enemies who leave no stone unturned in destroying Afghanistan. They proved bitter taste for Taliban, and Daesh extremist groups as their iron fist have squeezed fighters loyal to these terrorist outfits very properly, leaving hundreds of them killed and wounded. At the same time, our brave security forces witnessed martyrdom and injuries of their comrades in the fight against terrorists. Their sacrifices will be always remembered and will mark as bravest martyrdom for freedom in the history of Afghanistan. Sometimes up to hundreds of Taliban insurgents attack checkpoints with dozens of them would be killed in counter-attacks by security forces. It is a great shame for the militants and great victory for Afghan forces. Despite they don’t have enough weapons and equipments, but have never bow down against any attacks by the militants, rather given hard-hitting response, killing dozens of militants. This is a bitter reality for the insurgent groups. Without any doubt, the ANDSF are winning, and this is a hugely capable fighting force who have been holding their ground against the enemy. But recently an American airstrike killed at least a dozen Afghan security forces during intense fighting with the Taliban. Hundreds of armed Taliban militants made a run on the Azra district center in Logar province late on Monday, and the fighting continued overnight, in which US airstrikes were called for support, but the planes targeted an Afghan police outpost, leaving many dead. This has been mistakenly conducted – this is what reports indicted, but mistakenly should not be overlooked. A serious probe should be launched, and the culprits must be brought to the book. 14 security personnel, a mix of Afghan police officers and pro-government militia members are said to be among killed. However, some reports counted 19 dead, among them 16 Afghan National Police, including two civilians. Increase in airstrikes by US and Afghan forces must not be resulted in killing their own comrades while targeting the enemies. Absolutely, unjustifiable crime made by US forces and Afghan officials who were given misleading information about the target. The firefight, however, in Azra district came to an end late Tuesday with the martyring 16 security forces and four civilians that the ambiguous airstrike was a blow to security forces. In addition to that, 31 Taliban fighters were killed during operation. All efforts must be adopted to prevent harming security forces, and civilians, in case of negligence disciplinary punishments should be appropriated.

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