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Editorial: Another deadly terror act

Once again the terrorists played havoc with lives of innocent people when over 40 killed in a bomb explosion in a passenger bus in Farah province bordering with Iran. In a period of less than 10 days, deadly violent acts are order of the day in Afghanistan, especially in Kabul and some provinces. In fact, the militants and their mentors are making attempts to build up pressure against the government in Kabul. The violent acts intensified in Afghanistan when the US and other countries like Russian Federation, China, Saudi Arab, United Arab Emirates and Qatar initiated joint efforts for a negotiated solution to long standing conflict in Afghanistan. At this crucial stage, some of the war mongers want to derail the peace efforts and some of them are making attempts to exploit the situation in their own favor. Now there is another trend of proxy war of outsiders on the soil of Afghanistan which causes lives to innocent people of that country. The UN in a report declared killing and injuring of civilians in Afghanistan as “shocking and unacceptable,” in a period of last 18 years. It informed that in the first half of current calendar year 1,366 civilians were killed and 2,446 were injured. Most terrible is killing of civilians at the hands of government forces which were 717 during first six months of current year. The UN has shown severe resentment over increasing violent acts, especially civilian casualties in Afghanistan and urged the parties concerned to r restrain from such acts. No one can neglect failure of the government in Kabul in making safe and secure lives of the civilians as well as countering increasing trends of terrorism and extremism. From time to time, the government in Kabul is making requests to international community, but the response is too much disappointing. In fact, there are also some shortfalls on the part of Afghan government of handling the situation both politically and diplomatically. Similarly compare to other regional and neighboring countries, capabilities of Afghanistan’s armed forces and intelligence squad is less. In the past 18 years, Afghanistan failed in evolving strategies for making secure its geographical and ideological borders, for which now the innocent Afghans are paying. It is time for government to take leadership in confidence for handling the situation erupted with frequent acts of violence and growing unrest amongst the people.

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