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Editorial; Another Moscow moot

The Russian Federation in a bid to help in a negotiated solution to long standing conflict in Afghanistan is going to host a two days moot at Moscow from today. Former President Hamid Karzai through a statement welcomed the move and hoped that it could lead to end to over one and half a decade turmoil in the already war affected country. Leading politicians from Afghanistan have been invited to attend the moot, which might be first ever opportunity for war-scattered Afghan leaders to shake hands and exchange views and discuss ways and means for pulling the motherland out of wars and hostilities. Latest media reports reveal that leaders of Taliban Political Office at Doha Qatar agreed for holding meetings and talks with politicians, religious figures, tribal chieftains and others at Moscow moot but they are still reluctant to talk with President Ashraf Ghani or any top official of his government. However, agreeing to shake and talk with fellow politicians could be considered another major breakthrough in a period of only two weeks. Earlier the US Special Envoy Zalmay Khalilzad succeeded in framing a table for further talks and peace truce with the political office at Doha. All these developments are encouraging and could be strengthen further by extending political and moral support to Ambassador Khalilzad. Former President Hamid Karzai from the first day of Khalilzad’s appointment as a special envoy prays for his success and pleading all countrymen to welcome the move. Russian Federation President special envoy Zamir Kabulov like of Khalilzad has also expedited his efforts and most recent he held detail talks with high ranking officials in Kabul and Islamabad. Unfortunately President Ashraf Ghani seem unhappy with growing understanding between US and Taliban, whereas his frustration might be further fuelled when Taliban go around Ghani to meet with some of the country’s major political leaders, many of whom are at odds with him. Certain circles within Kabul believe that ongoing race between US and Russian Federation special envoy is nothing else but a strange pulling for safeguarding own interests in the region. Undermining the legitimate government of President Ghani is being considered repetition of the blunders made by former Mujahideen leader while they had discussed peace plans with US, Pakistan, Saudi Arab and others in late 80’s and early 90’s. Afghanistan’s Foreign Office spokesman as quoted by media saying, “at this moment , we do not see the need for such a meeting,” but a politician was quoted, “ we know it will not help Afghanistan toward reaching peace at all , so its little more than a political drama.” But almost Afghans who have been made fed up by imposed wars and hostilities are attaching great hopes with these efforts. In fact, US wants an end to hostilities which is possible through an agreement with Taliban but Russia along with immediate neighbours like Pakistan and Iran are considering presence of new militant groups like Daesh a threat to its own peace and interests. On such grounds, Russian Federation making its best to make guarantee of ending all terrorist camps and sanctuaries in Afghanistan for once at all, which could ensure return of a durable and sustainable peace in the whole region?

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