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Editorial: Anti-Daesh militia

Daesh has become cancer and there is no treatment for it, but only its elimination. Afghan people and government know this very well. Despite having meager resources and little support from the international community, Afghan government has tightened grip over the notorious terrorist group which has global designs and posing serious security threats not only to Afghanistan but also to China, Iran and Central Asian Republics (CAR). Many Chinese, Uzbek and Chechens militants have joined Daesh, also known as the Islamic State in the global north. Their goal was to establish strongholds in Afghanistan and later launch small and large scale attacks in their countries of origin. China witnessed several terror attacks as the Turkestan Islamic Party (TIP) or the Uighur militants have got full support of the Islamic State; though, there seem to be split in the TIP, especially after clash between the Taliban and Daesh in Zabul province.

Similarly, the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan and Chechen militants are also determined to go back to their areas and challenge writ of their governments. Unfortunately, the CAR, China and Russia have not provided the essential military and financial support to Afghanistan. Although, China has a strong economy than India but the latter is providing all possible support to the Afghan government to make the region peaceful and stable.

In the fight which is not only for survival of Afghanistan but also CAR, China, Iran and other countries, Afghan people and security forces have suffered heavy casualties. Yet, there is no moral and material support. That’s why people in Nangarhar province have come to the front to fight alongside their brothers in uniform to defeat the terror group which has become a hot potato. Spirit and courage of the local people who stood against Daesh is unprecedented. They are waiting in long queues to register their names in order to become part of the militia force that would dig the grave for the Islamic State and bury it forever, so the future generations in Afghanistan and neighboring countries would feel safe inside and outside their houses.

Leaving Afghanistan alone to fight terrorists is a great injustice that the history would record. Thus, the neighboring countries that have strong economies should come forward and support the people and government of Afghanistan in all possible ways. As a first step, these countries should establish a joint anti-terrorism mechanism to share intelligence and allocate resources to fight the terror outfits who are posing threat to regional stability. Last but not least, these countries should pressure all those state actors who are providing breathing space to the extremists and terrorists.

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