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Editorial: Anti-terror cooperation

Terrorism is wrecking havoc in different parts of the world. No one is feeling safe in the modern world which has become global village. Not only Asia and Africa have braved terror attacks but Europe and the United States is also facing serious threats. Recent terror attacks in the United States, Germany, France and Belgium proves that the enemies of humanity are using different tactics to destabilize the world and make this planet insecure. The peace-loving nations are facing common enemy. The enemy is hell-bent on destroying the global peace and harmony. The enemies of global peace and stability are wise because they have created mistrust between the major international players.

The mistrust has given birth to suspicion. Currently, the major international political actors are not ready to sit under one roof and resolve their differences in order to device a common mechanism to fight terrorism on all fronts. The trust deficit between China and the US as well as Washington and Moscow is helping the terrorist organizations who have unleashed violence in Middle East, South Asia, Africa and the West. The blame-game in the international political arena has provided an opportunity to the key terrorist organizations such as Al Qaeda and Daesh to find recruits in developed and underdeveloped countries and launch a series of attacks in the target countries.

Unfortunately, the target countries have enough human and financial resources to fight terrorism. These countries can also bring those state actors under crippling pressure that support the ‘good terrorists’ to gain short-term tactical objectives. The narrowly defined national interests of these countries are keeping them apart. Fighting terrorism to secure lives of people should be defined as top national interest by the major players to build consensus. Once consensus on where and how to fight terrorism has been built, the day is not far when the world would be a better place to live in.

Consensus between Afghanistan, India and the US to fight terrorism jointly is a major step towards regional stability. Once peace and stability return to Afghanistan, the other regions will follow the example to see the heydays. Furthermore, the peace deal between Afghan government and the Hezb-e-Islami Afghanistan has restored trust of Afghans over their government and the international community. It will set precedent for other militant groups and countries to follow. Mere use of force will not end terrorism. But it does not mean to ignore the states that are supporting terrorism in South Asia. Sanctions shall be imposed on the countries that provide breathing and breeding space to terrorist outfits.

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