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Editorial: Are we getting closer to peace?

Are we getting closer to the peace in our beloved country? Passing any optimistic views, it is important to realize that as long as we have conflicting interests, there will be no peace. Unfortunately, as long as there are fundamentally clashing ideologies, peace would be a distant dream. But we are not miles away from this noble cause. Breaking this news is not a false impression. The High Council for National Reconciliation held its maiden meeting, a number of political politicians and influential figures were in attendance, amplifying a strong message of unity and will of the Afghan masses. This is no hit. There are many barriers that are still threatening the peace process. We just agreed on procedures to enter into formal talks with important agendas in the schedule. The progress was impracticable without Taliban’s conformity. The two sides, Afghan and Taliban peace delegations, are worthy of admiration for their concurrence to open windows for a real, but of course, very tough talks. Peace is not a one night affair, surely it will be time-consuming, but agreeing on common terms are very much important. Ceasefire or reduction in violence could further improve the aspiration of Afghan masses for peace and stability via dialogues. Lowering violence with screening much flexibility in a bid to stop civilians from being armed is fundamental for the success of the talks. The Taliban are a reality. No one denies this. They are not the only lot that has suffered. All the Afghan populations are bearing the brunt of war, including the women and children. The Taliban must understand this at first place. 134 civilians were killed and 476 others were injured in the past one month of fatal violence conducted by the Taliban rebels around the country. Taliban fighters also suffered during this period of time. Tens of Taliban would probably be killed or wounded. To end the anguish, Afghan and Taliban peace teams have sincerely come to the fore to carry the talks from a balanced basis. We expect from them to enter into a meaningful participation with the core reason to end the war. Without doubt, the role of regional countries plus the international community and the United State’s honest contribution, would definitely help the peace process to move forward and finally a lasting peace to be restored. A dignified peace seems hard, but feasible.

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