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Editorial: Ashura—a day of resistance against injustice

As we are getting near to Ashura—the climax of the remembrance of Muharram and Imam Hussain’s (A.S.) battle of Karbala, in fact a battle against injustice, it is of utmost responsibility to all Afghan masses across the country to promote interfaith harmony and cut off those evil hands that have been heaved to ignite sectarian and ethnic division. It’s crystal clear that Ashura don’t just belong to the Shia Muslims, it belongs to all Muslims around the globe disregarding their sects. Every Muslim man and women can mourn the Martyrs of Karbala along with their brothers and sisters in faith. Imam Hussain was the epitome of tolerance, justice and perseverance, and the battle of Karbala was imposed on him as both Brothers Hassan and Hussain were peace-mongers who sought nonviolence. They rendered sacrifices to protect Holy Islam and its teachings. They stood against injustice, and happily sacrificed their lives for the sake of Allah, the Almighty to serve their people based on Islamic teachings. In this day, it is obligatory on every Muslim to promote unity, solidarity and harmony.  At real scene Islam is all about peace, negotiation, showing love and respect to elders (men and women), and have mercy on children. But today’s hardliner at disguise of Islam followers, are hell-bent on killing men, women, children, kids, and elders. Insurgent outfits are sparing nobody to reach its vicious goal. This is a clear sign that militants are not following teachings of holy Islam. Followers of Islam accepted martyrdom and went through their toughest time, but never attacked civilians or their unarmed enemies no matter Muslim or none-Muslim. But today Taliban insurgents are killing security forces. Even carry suicide attacks—something totally forbidden in Islam. Moreover, Daesh terrorist group, which emerged under the very nose of National Unity Government and foreign forces, is more brutal which killed and wounded hundreds of innocent Afghans by targeting them in holy places like shrines, and mosques. Noting this, they don’t deserve to be called even Muslims. Daesh militants are targeting particular ethnicity and sect to burst sectarian violence into flames. Fortunately, they failed despite of series of attacks. They too targeted other ethnicities. Everyday there is heart-wrenching reports from eastern Nangarhar province. It’s obvious that militant outfits are in wrong path, and the Afghan masse will always stand united as Imam Hussian and his followers did in Ashura—a day of resistance against injustice.

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