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Editorial: Ashura security

On Sunday, people around the world marked the 10th of Moharram, named Ashura that is the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Hossain and 72 other people both from his family members and honest and loyal friends.

In Afghanistan the Ashura was marked amid serious threats posed by the terrorist group of Daesh that has been carried out several deadly attacks against the mourner Muslims in the past.

People scared from the past attacks, were expecting more ones on the mosques and during the marking sessions in the capital and provinces. The very recent attack took place on Friday some 50 meters from a grand mosque in the Qala-e-Fathollah neighborhood, killing at least five civilians and wounding more than 30.

But fortunately, the Ashura was marked in a calm situation in Kabul and other areas due to the tireless efforts of the government and especially security forces. Our brave troops provided the Ashura mourners with tight security since dozens of extra checkpoints were temporarily established for this day and police and other forces were attentively keeping their eyes not to let the enemies of the people disrupt the situation.

In addition to deploying more troops, the government has also armed people to take the security of the mosques and Hossainyas during the days of Moharram which resulted very good that the people seemed to be happy.

Such tight security measures would undoubtedly give positive consequences and will nullify the enemies’ conspiracies. If the government is really close to the people, the enemies would never dare to seek for destructive plans and create a sectarian rift among the brotherly nation that has been living together for several hundreds of years.

There was no big violence reported during the Ashura and the people were happy for that, thanking the government and security forces for being so open-eyed.

Events like Ashura and similar ones help the people and governments get closer, because people among themselves plus the government need each other’s more assistance and cooperation than any other time. Thus, the mutual cooperation bears the result that they want. The government and security forces are appreciated for being vigilant during the Ashura and they are expected to be always watchful so they could foil the plots made by the domestic enemies and their masters abroad and help the people live happily by providing a peaceful and safe situation.

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