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Editorial: Assembling at Doha Qatar

Preparations for the two-days intra Afghan dialogues at Doha Qatar are in full swing whereas former President Hamid Karzai is making best to make the event fruitful in according to wishes of countrymen who are eagerly waiting for peace and tranquility. The preliminary list prepared by Qatar government is being scrutinized in Kabul and Hamid Karzai wants to make it well representative, enabling the elites from all segments to discuss ways and means for peace and reconciliation. Consultations amongst the top leaders at Kabul are in progress at the time when Zalmay Khalilzad also briefed main leaders about his future strategies of going further with Qatar based Taliban. Earlier the two sides agreed on first two points of four-point peace agenda. This time the remaining two points could be discussed and resolved likely after the two-days Doha Conference. With the passage of time, ice is being melted whereas consensus for peace and reconciliation is being developed amongst the rival Afghans. But unfortunately some of the external forces are still bent up sabotaging of the peace efforts. Through one or the other ways, these external forces especially neighbours are making their best to continue fuelling of tension and hostilities in Afghanistan. On such grounds, responsibility rests with the Qatar based Taliban political office to remain alert of these external forces. Afghanistan and its people are no more in position to afford bloodshed and destruction. In over four decades’ turmoil, each and every home in Afghanistan made shuttered by violent and terror act. Still millions of countrymen are living as refugees besides millions of others are internally displaced. Overwhelming majority of new generation is deprived of basic health services and education facilities. Millions of war and terror affected widows, orphans and disabled are on road sides just for their survival. Due to internal rifts and hostilities, neighbouring countries could easily go for aggression against the motherland and even at this stage ‘sovereignty and solidarity of Afghanistan is at stake.’ Despite huge financial and logistic support from international community since December 2001, Afghanistan’s infrastructure yet to be restored and rehabilitated. The country is still depended in external help and support. On such grounds, the ongoing Dr. Zalmay Khalilzad led peace process is a “golden chance” for return of peace and reconciliation with the leaders, made divided by prolonged wars and external forces involved in influencing internal affairs of Afghanistan. Now it is the time for the leaders to deliver. Deliver peace and better living infrastructure to those who suffered a lot both humanly and financially in over last four decades.  

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