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Editorial: At the quest of peace

The Afghan government and the Taliban will go ahead with peace talks in Doha in the near future. The prisoners’ release process eventually after so many ups and downs came to an end. Tiny issues still remain unsolved, but it will not damage the prospect of the peace process. Both sides (Afghan government and Taliban) are preparing to sit with each other to discuss a political settlement to the conflict. That day would be the historic moment when Afghans put utmost efforts to end such a deadly war which is nothing but an imposed one. No Afghans eager for prolongation of war which the Afghans themselves are the primary victims. Optimistically, the Taliban might have become fed up with the war. They don’t have dignity with the war, but could be called as champions if they succeed in ending the war through negotiations. Taliban have pledged to shun violence. With the upcoming the intra-Afghan talks, the Afghan people have more reason than ever to hope that this devastating conflict, which has brought plenty of sufferings, may eventually come to a halt. We understand that the intra-Afghan talks would be a long and challenging process. There are many important and complicated issues to be discussed. There are likely many disagreements in different areas. The both sides negotiating teams might face hard questions, or even they could react harshly to each others. However, these predictions are not a new mythology in talks, especially in warlike. Moreover, both sides have so many grounds to accuse each other. But at all, the negotiations will have to tackle a range of profound questions about the kind of a country Afghans want. What would be the future landscape of the country? Where will we head with women’s rights, child rights, freedom of expression etc? These can only be resolved once the Afghans sit together and talk intensely. Hopefully, the Taliban understood that solutions could not be found on the battleground. There has to be a way out of the current war and both sides must ensure that peace, when it comes, must be sustainable and acceptable to all Afghans from all walks of life.

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