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Editorial: At what cost?

Intensification of war in different parts of the country has underscored the lasting trauma of the escalating conflict that overshadows the impact of peace efforts to at least reduce violence to some level. The assassination of an Afghan government employee while his daughter was next to him has accentuated the fact that target killing besides regular war in the battlefield is main issue to be dealt. Based on some reports, Amanullah Watandost, 42, was killed and his dead body behind the wheel of his Toyota Corolla, while his three year old daughter was in the next seat to him, looking at her father’s close eye though terrorized completely. He was killed in Arghandab, a district once has been a hotbed of the Taliban group. No one can realize what has gone to her, and no human right defenders can feel her pain, or advocate for her. Like many other small and innocent Afghan girls, she lost her father. The dissimilarity is that she saw her father while breathing his last breath. It’s rare seen by others, but over 100 people are being killed or wounded in daily basis. They have family – mother, father, wife and children – hard to explain what they feel when see dead body of their beloved once. If he was the only breadwinner that would be another great catastrophe – triggering the family into deep poverty while already over 50 percent of Afghans living under poverty line. There is hope, in terms of progress, which has been made in education, water and sanitation, and primary health care, but the overriding the fact that more than half of the population is still below the poverty line. This is really a wake-up call for Afghan leaders because they are responsible for this mess. Insecurity, political instability which has been reported during the elections, electoral aftershocks which also affected the balance of investment are among key factors that have underscored the ineptitude of the government leaders. Anyways, the war has dragged on so long, this has to be ended. Civilians, along with the children become witnesses and victims that often being caught in the increasingly ruthless violence carried out by warring sides.

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