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Editorial: Atrocities of daesh

The brutality, dexterity and intensity with which Islamic State parades now in Afghanistan appall and startle us more than ever. Their depravity supersedes vice. It is sad that Islamic State claims to be clinging desperately to religious doctrine. Alas, the volume of its aggression certainly corresponds neither to religious ethics nor humanitarian values, and rather represents a despicable plot for our annihilation. Religion dictates utmost respect to human beings irrespective of their racial and linguistic profile or denominations.

Even sadder is how this phenomenon is being neglected; no peer action to stop people hemorrhaging to the IS atrocity, nor discernable countermeasure to impede this unfettered belligerency. History of counterterrorism offensive in this war-torn land is a story of inertia and the unforeseen.

Daesh terrorists have swept through parts of Afghanistan over the past few years, gaining territory, a huge chunk of cash, and now the dangerous mystique of a terrorist force. Kabul city particularly has recently become a major flash point of IS-inflicted violence. Many people have died, for the most part ever since an ambitious voter registration campaign began a fortnight ago; 69 people died last week after a Daesh suicide bomber detonated himself among a queue of people waiting outside a voter registration center. Daesh bombers also killed 25 innocent civilians on Monday – two explosions at intervals.

As long as there is a considerable degree of schadenfreude and self-pleasing convictions among Daesh and its sponsors who seek destruction of Afghanistan, and the more counterproductive the repression of terrorism continues to be, the more the violence exacerbates and the more the beleaguered people bleed exponentially.

Islamic State has gone counterintuitive blindfolding all stakeholders of the Afghan war and protagonists of the counterterrorism offensive. They were blind to Daesh’s growing threat, doing only the bare minimumin nipping the evil in the bud. Perhaps the west bloc must align their war strategies with the intensity of the situation and stop ignoring the increasing threat of Daesh.

It is befitting to reiterate the fact that terrorism is a state-sponsored phenomenon, harbored beyond our porous and unchecked southand eastborders. It is more appealing to utter that counterterrorism crusadehas drastically gone adrift. Instead of targeting safe havens, training camps and hubs of terrorism and suffocating their resources behind the borders, anti-terrorism offensive is being carried out inside the embattled Afghanistan – stranding the civilian population and leaving them in tatters.

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