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Editorial: Avalanche warning

A high-danger avalanche warning must be issued by the related governmental officials to those districts across the country, which is under avalanche hazard. The government should help swing Afghans living in the avalanche prone districts to a safest place. This would be a temporary shifting as avalanche threat would not last-long. This year the country hit with heavy snowfalls, and avalanche fatalities are most common in the winter. It is the need of the hour that the government should stay alert to prevent human and property losses during avalanches and also educated people on the issue.

The State Ministry for Disaster Management should advise people not to venture in avalanche prone areas and keep clearing snow depositions from roof tops of their houses and bunkers to avoid damages. At the sometime the government should take precautionary measures to avert any untoward incident through recognizing avalanche horizontal districts. This year winter season proved deadly, as hundreds of people were killed and wounded. In the new gesture of snowfall and avalanches at least 26 people killed and nine other wounded in northern Faryab province. Provincial sources said that these people were killed in avalanches in six districts of the province. The avalanches were also led to property losses, where around 600 houses were destroyed and over 20,000 livestock perished. None can forget the bloody avalanches in 2015, where a total of 40 avalanches were took place in Panjshir province, killing 310 people, and another 129 wounded. Afghan security forces were deployed to the province to assist rescue efforts. These avalanches were the worst that Afghanistan had seen in three decades.

Now after the flown of numerous snows, the government should take all necessary measures to prevent another Panjshir-like avalanche.  However, soon after avalanches, flashfloods is another catastrophe that kills and wounds dozen people in every year. For instance, last year 38 people have been killed as flashfloods struck Takhar, Badghis and Samangan provinces, where scores of houses were also damaged, especially mud-brick structures. The country often sees flashfloods triggered by heavy rains, which also cause landslides

Floods are among the most frequent and costly natural disasters in terms of human hardship and economic loss. There would be no word of warning as flashfloods comes abruptly, and catch people unprepared. Again it is a plea to the government to make indefatigable efforts to shift masses living in area prone to flashfloods to a secure place, aimed at saving their lives. There is no another way, we are going to have to live with flooding, but the government should have all necessary at hands to prevent human losses.

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