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Editorial: Bachabazi, a social taboo

All set to criminalize the evil practice of “Bachabazi”—sexual exploitation of young boys who are forced to dress up like girls, and women, with a scenery penalties to those involved in the heinous act. The “play boy” at somehow become a subculture in the country, and the poor children have been the worst victim of “Bachabazi” for centuries. This long-practice of boy slavery is a social taboo and its criminalization process must be speed up. The key reason behind driving force in the rise of Bachabazi is poverty in the country. The predators are finding it very easy to target young boys through deceiving their families with promises of work and education to them. These promises are not only fake, but very much devastation; instead the beleaguered boys force to learn dancing tactics and perform to a particular group of men. It is just the start of their miseries as they also force to put bells on their flowing skirts and do make up on the faces in a bid to earn more attention of their male viewers.

Once the dancing and the party halted, the true horror of their role is reveals, as the boys are triggering to a private place or a hotel room where they can be sexually abused. The another  tragedy side of the issue is that these boys own nothing as their masters keep them, house them and provide them with food and other things they needed. At real scene they are sexual slaves. Moreover, their masters are eviler, as not only turn these boys to this business, but also have sex with them.

Recently, there was a news published in foreign website where one of master was said that women are for children, and boys are for pleasure. It is shocking statement. Such mindset is very much hazardous and totally against humanity, and in contrary with Islamic teachings.

It is a shameful act—and unfortunately, the perpetrators of this monstrous crime have been safeguarding by powerful wings. There are several factors behind its spread—absence of rule of law, insecurity, illiteracy, lack of access to justice, and the most and dangerous one is the existence of armed group across the country.

Nonetheless, now this evil practice is going to be criminalized and without doubt the Human Rights groups and social activists played a significant role to ram the government to define and criminalize all forms of Bachabazi.

There is no denying to the fact that the victims would come up with feelings of revenge, as they gone through plenty of stress and pessimistic felling. The government should make indefatigable efforts to end the cycle of abuse by means of brining the culprits to the book.

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