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Editorial: Bad security bits

Even if the whole thing is going well, but when security situation is bad, it can bit to such an extent that undermine all other developments. If we argue that Afghanistan is on the right truck in form of its foreign strategy, and so other developments have already made, but fragile security situation could easily put an end to this breakthrough. What we need at first place is security. Work opportunity generates directly when there is security. It is a great depression to have both security and economic frailness. We have to understand that market economy can function when there is assurance of security. Business tycoons needs guarantee to run business. It is a clear fact that we can’t have stability sans security. A complete states-of-the-art war strategy is need of the hour. Only today two districts have been collapse to the Taliban hand. Faryab’s Kohistan district and Ghor’s Taywara distract fell to the Taliban after heavy clashes. The National Unity Government (NUG) lost control of two districts in one day, which is definitely not good. There is need to find grey and messing areas behind the collapse. We should go and grasp the nick of related security officials, and question them for the fall down. Police chiefs of both provinces—Faryab and Ghor have to speak over the give way. They should example reason behind it. Surely, the brave Afghan security forces are fighting Taliban and other militant outfits with high moral—already proved bitter taste for them. So there is no single doubt over capability of the Afghan security forces. Noting this, there must be some negligence made by security officials in which resulted into collapse. The neglecter has to be brought to the book. The central government has to probe the unpleasant incident with open-eye and also send reinforcement forces immediately to retake the districts as soon as possible. To maintain fully security it requires an inclusive war strategy. At the same time Trump administration is about to complete its much-awaited comprehensive review of US polices on Afghanistan. There is widespread speculation that the new policy will involve intensified US military operations, including addition of several thousand troops. However, NUG leaders should be tough and review every pages of the new policy because US appears to repeat the usual mantra about eliminating terrorism and militancy. We want action instead of words. Practical effort is what the Afghan masses want. Insecurity has been escalating; districts are at brink of collapse. We can’t go with such situation anymore. This is the longest US war and we want this to be ended logically with brining peace and stability in Afghanistan.

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