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Editorial: Battling virus

Afghanistan reported a drop in new coronavirus cases for the six consecutive days on Wednesday as Kabul sought to stamp out the risk of further infections by taking further steps to contain the virus and its wild spread. The Public Health Ministry said 319 new coronavirus cases were recorded with 1,520 recoveries in the last 24 hours, dropping from 600, to 700 cases a week earlier. Unfortunately, 28 patients have lost their lives battling the virus during this period. The risk is still high. Premature jubilant over containing of the virus could be very much deadly. The health officials still are calling on the inhabitants to take the virus seriously. Dangerous premonition is forewarning if the Afghan masses go astray from the advice the health ministry set to contain the virus. Social distancing, hand washing, hand sanitizers and other measures are the only way to fight the virus. Health organizations of different developed countries put all their eggs in one basket to develop anti-covid-19 vaccine, however, so far to no avail. The further it prolongs the more it leaves financial burden, as it becomes fearful and Afghanistan is already on the verge of economic collapse. The poor community has been scrambling to survive this epic crisis. Many people left at the mercy of the government and the Afghan traders to help them pay for their basic necessities, including rent, utilities, and food. In this dire situation, the Afghan masses need to come up to the fore and help the poor members of the society and also educate them of the danger if social distancing did not occur. Jointly, we can help ease the burden of people in need by several donations and other necessary steps and ways. It’s time to put aside differences and come together, unite, and be as one to help stop the spread of the virus, and to eventually get rid of it once and for all. If not now, then when. Together we can do so much and this also applied in other issues, including the ongoing peace talks. If we are united, we can enter into the talks with the Taliban from a very strong position; potentially give us more leverage that definitely we deserve.

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