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Editorial: Behind repeating mistakes

In 2018, after heavy and deadly fighting, the Afghan Special Forces arrested Commander Nizamudin Qaisari in the northern province of Faryab. He was in custody for a while but soon released after second vice president, Abdul Rashid Dostum mediated and secured his release. In that time, Dostum was in exile. For almost three years, he was in Turkey. Later on, in the wake of Afghanistan presidential polls, Dostum and Qaisari have engaged in verbal disputes. Many believed that Qaisari may announce his support to Ghani’s team but later he appeared with another contender. His leader “Dostum” put weight behind Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah. But the core question is that how did Qaisari, a dangerous criminal accused of extortion, human right violation and so on, walk free after the arrest just last year? To capture him, Afghan forces for nearly 24 hours engaged in fierce fighting with his bodyguards in Mazar-e-Sharif, the capital city of Balkh—the city consider as Afghanistan’s economic hubs that unfortunately become front line for a battle that include heavy and small guns including helicopter gunships. In the face of intensive fighting, Qaisari managed to escape, is it failure or victory. It seems Qaisari returned to his spiritual father ‘Dostum’. A serious concern is that how the government forces failed to detain him. More than ten of Qaisari’s armed men have been killed in the clash and dozens others wounded, and arrested. The real heroes of Afghans–the Afghan security forces, who suffer daily casualties in the fight against the militants across the country, now need to flex themselves with the illegal armed individuals. These forces pay hardest efforts to obey the orders that have been given by the top governmental officials, but the mocker wave on the ocean is that after intercession by a number of political figures, the detained armed men are released and even given further privileges. Such acts could bring down the moral of Afghan security forces that fighting day and night to maintain security. Criminals and those who threat the constitution and security organs should be held accountable and prosecuted – sentence to jail in accordance to the law. The agonized Afghans already traumatized with the ongoing violence and can’t take another combat which is as deadly as Taliban attacks and that in residential areas. At the same time the government at first place, must find a logical solution to the divergence, and stop igniting concerns and worries among the Afghans who suffered much more.

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