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Editorial: Beleaguered forces

The death and destruction, unleashed by the local militants and their foreign supporters, are dancing in every nook and cranny of the country. As the violence grows, more people die or injured. In the past two years, insurgency has grown rapidly. The local population and foreigners are not feeling safe despite unwavering support of the international community. Militancy has been cause of many psychological problems, not only in adults but also in children. Teenagers are afraid of going to their school or workplaces as many of them are daily wagers, working after school time to support their families. They wake up daily with this hope that today would bring good fortunate and ease pains. However, there is no another day but the same day—full of sad news and lost hopes.

The deadly terror attacks on Monday are a reminder that peace and stability are far from achievement. The killing of 35 people in a single day in the capital city, Kabul, comes as a shock to everyone, from government officials to the common people. Grief of Afghans cannot be expressed in words.  On Monday, three Taliban gunmen were killed in Kabul in an 11-hour police siege marking the end of a day of carnage in which 35 people, mostly civilians, were killed and more than 100 others, almost all of them civilians, wounded in twin bombings near the Ministry of Defense’s gate.

The victim families are mourning losses of their nearest and dearest one at a time when six days are left to Eid al-Adha, a religious festive which teaches about sacrificing wealth and wishes for welfare of fellow beings. Kabul residents were busy in preparations for Eid. But unfortunately, Kabul residents were plunged into mourning after series of attacks. Such attacks shows that the Taliban insurgent have lost the ability to confront Afghan security forces face-to-face in the battlefields, that’s why they are carrying out coward attacks in public areas.

This time not only civilians, but high ranking security officials were also among those killed and wounded in twin bombings near the Presidential Palace. The most heart-wrenching was when the mother of Shir Ahmad Salangi, deputy police chief of the second police jurisdiction, died of a heart attack after learning of her son’s death in the terror attacks. It is a big tragedy. She is no more, but there are several mothers who are alive but mourning the death of their most loved ones due to series of attacks near to the ministry.

Though Kabul is mourning, but at the same time we are proud of having brave Afghan security forces who always put indefatigable efforts under their capacity to prevent further casualties. We, the moderate and anti-insurgent forces, shall forge unity to prevent the anti-Afghanistan elements from further destruction and killings.

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