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Editorial: Blame games carry no more weights

Matters are getting increasingly ominous for Kabul and Islamabad to fight insurgency in the region. Currently, the two countries are going through tense relations as trust-deficit has reached at boiling point between the two neighbors.

The government of Afghanistan strongly condemns every kind of terrorist attack whether it occurs in Afghanistan, Pakistan or other parts of the world. Also, there is no single proof to indicate that militants by using Afghan soil have masterminded a single terrorist attack in Pakistan. But however, there are numerous evidences that militants design deadly attacks using Pakistan soil and carried out in Afghanistan that kill and wound large numbers of civilians.

Besides, which country is giving shelters to the militant is also very much crystal to all, in which land, the high-profile militants leaders were killed is also well-known. No need to go further in it.

After the devastating attack on the Police Training College, Quetta, an act that strongly slammed by Afghan government, now Pakistan says that the assailants had come from Afghanistan and were in contact with their handlers here. Pakistan authorities also said that the issue would be taken up with Afghanistan.

However, Pakistan’s blame games that have been playing with Afghanistan for longtime has no more carry weights. Pakistan instead of taking the issue with Afghanistan, should sincerely joined hands with Kabul administration in fight against all farm of insurgents.

Quetta attack left at least 61 people dead and 165 others wounded. Islamic State (IS) which is also known as Daesh terrorist group claimed responsibility for the attack. It is also a fact that Islamabad undermines the threat of Daesh militants in the region. Instead, Islamabad supported the group to further gain foothold in Afghanistan. In the past, Afghan security forces arrested two Pakistani women, loyal to the IS group in eastern Nangarhar province, as they (arrested women) were making efforts to transfer classified documents to the group. The seized documents contained information how to make explosive devices and other weapons. Now, after Quetta massacre, Pakistan witnessed the resultof supporting to the group. In Afghanistan, the group conducts attacks in different parts of the country on daily basis.

For instance, only on Wednesday Daesh militants shot dead more than 30 civilians in western Ghor province. It is just one example of Daesh brutality. Afghan people are bearing the brunt of civilian casualties more than any other country. Every day, Afghan masses mourn the loss of their loved ones in different attacks.

It is required that Kabul and Islamabad join hands in fight against insurgents, and put ever available efforts to destroy their (militant) hideouts. Single vision and clear strategy without maintaining any distinction between good and bade terrorists is the need of the hour. Terrorism is a massive threat to the stability of the region, where Afghanistan is the worst victim of it.

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