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Editorial: Blood and fire

Afghanistan—once abode of peace, religious harmony, and tranquility—is burning constantly. It has been more than three decades. However, there is no end in sight to the miseries of peace-loving Afghan people. Sadly, blood and fire brought by the superpowers—from Great Britain to the United States—is burning Afghan homes and claiming lives of innocent people. But no one is there in the international community to mourn the loss of Afghans. For the human rights fraternity and world community Afghanistan is a godforsaken land. Otherwise, the security picture in the country would have been totally changed from what it looks today. Furthermore, Afghanistan got a very few friend in the neighborhood. India is on top of this short lift of allies. The rest are just milking out their interests are waiting for opportunities to cash in on. Most of Afghanistan’s neighbors are supplying uninterrupted fuel to keeping running the deadly terror war in shape of suicide bombers, financing the Taliban, Haqqani Network, the Islamic State and al-Qaeda. Funding, intelligence, diplomatic and political support are other gifts received by the terrorists from their sponsors. Monday’s and previous deadly terror attacks are result of the unchecked interference in Afghanistan and continued support to terrorists. On Monday, as many as 24 civilians were killed and over 40 injured in a suicide blast that targeted a bus carrying employees of the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum. In the terror attack which took place in the Third Police District of Kabul City has snatched lives and smiles of not only the ministry’s employees but also shopkeepers and passersby. The United States, who is bound to dismantle sanctuaries of terrorists and impose heavy sanctions of terror sponsors under the Bilateral Security Agreement, signed with Afghanistan, is acting like a silent spectator. The US has not fulfilled her promises. Although, Afghan government is pinning high hopes on the Trump’s Afghan strategy but it would not help until there is unity among rank of Afghan leaders. Amid this bloodshed, some politicians are struggling for power. Foreign policy of the country is not yielding any good result. Political uncertainty has affected the ongoing operations against terrorism.  They are involved in tug of war. It should end once and for all to lead the current war to its logical end—defeat of foreign-sponsored militants. Lack of motivation and clarity, on part of the Ghani administration, has made the war against Afghan militants difficult than ever. Leadership in Kabul failed to convince the US and her NATO allies to pound out terror sanctuaries outside Afghan frontiers.

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