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Editorial: Bloody Friday for Afghans

In the Friday afternoon, people were preparing for the weekly Friday prayer in the Gardez city, capital city of Paktia province that a suicide bomber blew himself up among them.

The attack that took place in the Imam-e-Zaman mosque killed scores of worshippers and wounded dozens more, according to provincial and health officials, who warned that some of the wounded were in critical condition.

This is not the first time that mosques and other holy places are targeted by terrorist groups, and the enemies of Islam and Afghanistan have previously killed and injured our pious and faithful during their prayers time in the cities of Kabul, Herat and Mazar-e-Sharif.

Though nobody has yet claimed responsibility for the Gardez bombing, but the Daesh terrorist group has targeting religious gatherings in its background in Afghanistan.

The black-hearted terrorists carry out such terrorist attacks with the aim of creating a rift between two Muslim brothers (Shiite Muslims and Sunni Muslims) that have long lived in their common home, defended it against the foreign conspiracies and invasion and have shared their grieves and happiness.

These terrorists and their foreign masters in the neighboring and regional countries that are all apparently Muslim states, should read the history of Afghanistan and see that their grand master (Great Britain) failed to divide the united nation in this poor but faithful territory and the Empire for the first time failed to fulfill its ‘Divide and Rule’ policy. So, they should not continue the way of their grand master that leads them to nowhere but frustration and abjection.

The government and security forces deserve to be blamed for less attention in the security of people. If police are vigilant and feel responsibility for people’s safety, we will not mourn our brothers and sisters. Policemen are deployed at the gates of mosques, but the bomber managed to enter the Gardez mosque, how? The answer is clear. He was not checked and used police’s inattention to carry out attack.

People do not blame the terrorist groups, because they are enemy and killing of them is their goal. The nation blames their elected government and the security forces who have sworn to serve for the people’s protection. Now what the government will do is to replace some police officers at the area to silence people. This is not enough and will not bring positive changes to the security situation.

The government needs to adopt comprehensive policies. It should be serious in talks with the foreign countries particularly the US that has committed in the bilateral security pact to save Afghans from terrorist groups and foreign interference. The government should tell them to fulfill their commitments or annul the pact.

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