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Editorial: Bloody tragedy of Logar

The people of Afghanistan have gone through a lot of heartbreaking and wrenching tragedies and bloodsheds as their country witnessed severe conflicts and violence in various eras of history. This relentless violence of the past four decades has left behind hundred thousands of people dead and maimed. On Friday evening minutes before the Iftar (breaking fast), a car bombing went off in Pul-e-Alam, the capital city for southeastern Logar province. More than 25 people, all of them civilians, were killed and over 110 others were wounded. The province had witnessed a similar attack in earlier Ramadan of 2019. The attacks in Ramadan, which is considered as a month of virtue and goodness, horrified and shocked the whole nation. The photos of the incident went viral on social media shows that a decorated food-napkin is covered with the shatters of window glasses. For the Afghans such attacks are not very unprecedented, every time such incidents happen, it is condemned and forgotten, but the straining point is how long will this senseless series of war keep going. The deadly car bombing attack remained unclaimed; however, the government has often put the blame on the Taliban who have denied agreeing on a ceasefire in Ramadan. Condemnation of attack is not putting any heal or piety on the hearts of the people who lost their beloved ones in the incidents or suffered any injury. First of all, the security officials should be held accountable for failing to prevent such attacks. Secondly, if the Taliban are behind the attack, the International Community and the United Nations should put pressure on the group and its supporters to renounce violence, engage into negotiations, agree on a ceasefire and reach a sustainable peace instead of making meaningless condemnation statements. Attacking civilians in such a spiritual month is beyond human and Islamic values. Targeting civilians will not bring any benefit and leverage to any party involved in the Afghan war. But it will further defame those who harm innocent people and the people will be responded to trust them. As Afghanistan is going through a disparate situation, all of the conflict parties seem to be devoid of compassion for their people. This nation has suffered more than enough, let’s grab each and every chance to heal their wounds and let them live in harmony. Even if either side wins military, it will not be an honor victory as the only people would suffer the most of this war is the Afghans, no one else.

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