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Editorial: Brave ANDSF

The ongoing war in Afghanistan has several fronts with several covert and over players. Besides insurgent groups are enjoying huge backing from some regional countries, but fighters loyal to the several insurgent outfits have fallen far behind achieving any set target. Realizing their failure, instead of looking deeper for the causes and correcting their way by accepting unprecedented peace offer by National Unity Government, the militants intensified attacking security forces that even targeted an Ulema conference in Kabul, killing and injuring religious scholars. In Afghanistan, of course security is the biggest challenge. Other hurdles also persist that need to be addressed at the same time. Anyways, in the fight against evil forces whether Taliban, Daesh, or other terrorist groups, the Afghan brave security forces proved bitter taste for them. We have full capable Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) to secure Afghanistan from internal and external threats and prevent any sort of conspiracy theories of the enemies’ and its backing-states. Security forces are capable to maintain security of their own nation. Training, advising, and equipment of ANDSF have been underway, and with this security forces are becoming stronger than before. Not only Afghan masses, but people around the globe would be thankful to the struggle of ANDSF against terrorism and extremism that threaten the entire world. We are giving sacrifices for whole humankind to save them from vicious cycle of terrorism. To support us, NATO’s Defense Ministers meeting, the head of the alliance Jens Stoltenberg said they are stepping up their commitments and are discussing ways to extend funding to Afghan forces beyond 2020. “We will close the Ministerial with a meeting on Afghanistan, together with our Resolute Support partners. Allies and partners are stepping up – with both forces and funding. We have added around 3,000 more trainers to our mission. And we are discussing how to extend funding for the Afghan forces beyond 2020,” he said. One thing is for sure that the Taliban insurgents defeated in battlefield and they would gain more through a political settlement as continuation of war brings them more devastation and nothing else. The main reason behind international community’s support to ANDSF is to show the Taliban and other militant outfits that can’t win on the battlefield. In such scenario, it is in the best interest of Taliban to nod for peace talks, and think wisely to find a logical solution to the current war that taking high tool on civilians.

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