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Editorial: BSA proved unproductive

Afghan politicians, leaders of a number of political movements and influential figures have gathered under one umbrella, discussing current political and security situation of Afghanistan and also talked about Bilateral Security Agreement (BSA) that was signed with US during first working day of National Unity Government. The security pact allowed US forces to remain in country, and also to pay salaries of Afghan security forces. But the dream for peace has been dashed to the ground at framework of BSA. It was meant to bring peace, stability, and even improve the fragile economy situation. Nothing happened instead war intensified, insecurity growth with fatalities to Afghan security forces and civilians. Today, Taliban insurgents are controlling more grounds as compare to 2014 BSA agreement. Since security pact, there is more insecurity. It is a totally failure. It’s unproductive in brining peace. Afghanistan is not a secure place either to live or to work in, but it could be only to review BSA with US. Security is now a serious challenge not only in districts and sub-district but also in small and major towns including the capital. There have been suicide bombings, attacks of civilian and military installations, assassinations, kidnappings, summary killings by the Taliban and Daesh militant on a daily basis. Bluntly speaking, such situation is no-more-bearable and Afghans become fed up with current insecurity that taking their loved once. Even situation become worse for journalists. Lots of journalists were killed in the line of duty since 2014, and Afghanistan recognized second deadliest country for journalists after Syria. As whole situation in Afghanistan has changed; poverty grown; brain drain reached peak; unemployment doubled or even tripled. Overall situation become worse from bad. Taking note, political parties emphasized the need for national unity and for fair and transparent elections. Everyone called on government to seriously review security agreement with US that proved unproductive and yield no fruits. Realizing the fact, Wolesi Jirga also called for revival of BSA with US that brought nothing but more war and devastation. It is a very important demand because even a local people are not feeling safe. They go out for their routine work in order to earn their daily substance, but not sure whether to come back home alive or become a victim of vicious incidents. The Afghans want a peaceful country no matter with or without BSA. This is possible when government take under consideration the political party’s demand in all arenas and has to turn every available stone to improve security situation and also seek help from them in regards to break elections stalemate.

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