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Editorial: Bumpy ride ahead

With security in ebbs and flows, the extraordinary precautions had taken during Secretary of State Mike Pompeo visit to Afghanistan for a few hours on Monday. He held meetings with Afghan leaders, went to Bagram Air Base and snapshot with US staffers at the embassy. Honestly, spending a couple of hours is clearly demonstrations that conditions are worst ever before. It puts negative prospect with pessimism views that the country could ravage by war in so many years to come. It is now 17-year since US presence with the step up in military operations in Afghanistan, but neither security situation improved, nor extremist groups demolished. A top diplomatic figure from Trump administration is coming to Kabul with extreme fear that even none from Afghan side and US members were ready to confirm his arrival at first place. This is absolutely because of security. Everything is matter when it comes in term of security, but at the same time it projects the failure of international community in maintaining security that no one trusts anyone to give first hand information.

But a piece of hope remerged. Pompeo by using an unannounced trip has stepped up US administration’s calls for peace talks between Afghan government and the Taliban. “An element of the progress is the capacity that we now have to believe that there is hope that many of the Taliban now see that they can’t win on the ground militarily,” Pompeo said in a joint press conference with President Ashraf Ghani. Certainly, the Afghan masses are tired of war and ongoing bloodshed. The only way to get rid of miseries is to kneel down the Taliban insurgents for negotiations. It’s not an easy task as the extremist group enjoys foreign supports with some countries that are in direct hostility with US. Still the first drop of the rain matters.

Perhaps with optimistically scanning the recent ceasefire between government and Taliban, which has generated hope toward peaceful future, none can deny that war can be ended within hours if there is well. They can continue with trace but the rejection showed state-sponsoring terrorism’s unwillingness to end the war. The major problem is their convincing and how the US will do it is baggiest question? After failing to encourage the militants to come to the bargaining table, with rejected offer of truce extension, what next could be done by Afghan and US governments? The Taliban insurgent already hit out at the International Conference of religious scholars in Saudi Arabia. With this a confusing in decision making by Taliban members have been looming that also highly affected truce decision when all the Talban members seems happy being far from battlefields.

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