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Editorial: Bureaucratic toolbox

There are many officials and lawmakers who consider themselves above the law because the laws in this land are meant for poor. The more the position of an official is higher the trouble gets bigger. Most of the high-ranking officials have violated the constitution. Yet they are free and holding important positions. They could not be apprehended and held accountable by the corrupt legal system. The rich get away with harassment, corruption, kidnapping and murder.  Some of the parliamentarians and most of the top officials are using every tool in their bureaucratic toolbox to use laws of the land for their own benefit and hit the poor with these if seen as barriers.

Common people, holding no position, have already lost trust over the judicial system and the government. For general masses the justice is a very expensive commodity that could only be afforded by well-off people are those wearing the badges of power. The complicated and lengthy procedure is pushing people away from the courts. Bribe solves most of the cases in the country or political influence. A man with no political backing and hit by poverty is either way doomed. In some parts of the country, people are contacting the Taliban for quick justice. It is a failure of the government.

The power has made many government institutions and officials so corrupt that they challenge the laws everywhere. As they are part of this power system, therefore, they are enjoying immunity. Whether they have the immunity or not or the public like it or not but the elites are accountable in no way. That’s why the bodyguards of lawmakers, ministers and other VIPs are filmed beating policemen on duty. Hoping to rebuild the country and provide a better future to the next generation, policemen and soldiers wore the uniform.

It is very unfortunate that those who should be more grateful to the men in uniform are beating them. Rude behavior of the top officials is eroding confidence and trust of policemen on the current system. The government should take serious notice of such cases because it paves ground for insider attacks and strengthen the militants against the democratic institutions. Trust of public is all times low at the democratic institutions because people who are supposed to be well-mannered are acting like illiterates on the roads and in offices. As a first step the top officials including ministers should be directed by the president to respect the laws of the land. Those who do not pay heed should be fired and punished because it is the best way to stop a major public uprising against the government.

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