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Editorial: Can we survive?

Afghanistan, a country that has gone through many ups and downs through its long year’s history, is once again in its defining situation. The country itself is beautiful. Located at the Heart of Asia, the country is well-down for its civilianization and very famous for its rich culture and stunning weather. The people are so friendly but caught between unfair and imposed war but they have never bowed to the pressures and are still struggling to build their country despite dozens of problems and the deadly war that has ruined the country for over four decades now. The ordinary Afghans have never been part of any war or chase. It’s the leadership and the leaders who are still not learning from past blunders. Their disagreements and flop policies have destroyed Afghanistan and its people. However, after the collapse of the Taliban regime, the darkest period in history, once again the window of opportunity unfolded, where Afghanistan got a first post-Taliban regime president through ballot box not bullets. Everything was so well at the outset and the Afghans started dreaming about a developed and free-terrorism state. It was really a dream where the Taliban and other small and big groups, including the Daesh started remerging, this time with more destructive power and once again Afghanistan and its people caught between the hammer of fatal insurgency. Civilian casualties once again reached the peak. War has been intensified and there is hardly a province where there is no war. The foreign troop is also leaving after 20 years of presence. Of course it would impact the situation, but we must find the range of how to protect the country and its people. Presence of foreign troops will not heal our wounds if they remain here for another 20 years. It’s welcoming news, and the Taliban who are claiming to be waging Jihad against foreign occupiers, has no more reason to continue the war because the occupied forces are leaving. There is mass nervousness among the Afghans over of bloodier war once all troops out – but still we can stop any unpleasant episode from happening including the civil war, if the fractured political leadership to come forward with a unify stand in the peace talks with the Taliban or otherwise the new bitter fighting will plunge the country. We can survive and the Taliban would force us to stop the bloodshed in case we follow the two steps – one to have political unity among our elites and second to be honest with the Afghan nation.

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