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Editorial: Candle of hope

It is very important for any nations who are going through tough times to go and get the light of hope from someone who holds the candle. As it is appear that at somehow Afghanistan in these days is going in a direction which is anxious the Afghan masses—the need of unity and hope toward betterment is feel more than any other time. In this situation we need candle of hope, that indeed every Afghans hold it. In the curse of history, the Afghans continued to preserve the candle of hope, and never give up in all difficult situations. Afghanistan in general, but Kabul in particular is changing its landscape toward some exasperation. The recent waves of terrorist attacks in one week have killed and wounded more than 800 Kabul residents, including some protestors, and blasts in funeral ceremony.  This move has laid down negative impact on daily activities of residents. Some roads linking to the city have been remained block, causing problem to the residents. Still protest is in full-swing. At same time people from other parts of the country raised voice in favor of the government. So, nothing this, one can easily said that situation is tense. The same as some politicians also clutched conflicting stands—one supporting, another is against the government, and its policies. Surly, one of the fundamentals of good governance—which we are lacking to the highest level, is the ability to mobilize existing resources efficiently and to ensure their sustainability. However, there is no sign of any evidence that peace and prosperity upheld through violence or putting personnel interest above national. We should stand in support with the government, if we are looking toward to get rid of current challenges. We would lead to now where if attempts made to diminish the government. Our country’s problem is not so easy to be finished by some sentences. We should understand that inner hands with support of some regional players are also involved in keeping conflict’s fire alive across the country. None can’t deny the foreign spy agencies off-putting role in further deteriorating situation. However, the positive point is that people are trying to snake deeply in the issue toward important issues. For instance, the civil society activists in southern Helmand province said that foreign intelligence agencies have been fueling ethnic strife in Afghanistan. At this moment it is the responsibility of the Afghan nation to foil the conspiracy. It is worth mentioning that peace and prosperity can be brought through a political solution. Despite the exits challenges, still there is hope that the National Unity Government would conquer against any conspiracies along with support of its nation. Still the candle of hope has not been reduced to several pieces, and everything can be resolved through dialogues and political consensuses.

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