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Editorial: Carefully scripted remarks

Though Pakistan has clarified but its Prime Minister Imran Khan’s recent statement, suggesting transfer of power to an interim set up in Kabul, was met with sharp reaction throughout the world. Beside others, the US Special Envoy Dr. Zalmay Khalilzad has also shown resentment over such a statement. The Afghans irrespective of their politico-communal divisions have demonstrated unanimity over Premier Imran Khan statement and termed it an ample proof of naked interference in internal affairs of Afghanistan. Afghan officials including former and incumbent while showing their reactions, termed it an act of influencing peace and reconciliation efforts. In the wake of increasing reaction, officials at Islamabad Wednesday morning issued a statement, stating “PM Imran Khan’s comments on Afghanistan have been reported out of context in the media, leading to unwarranted reaction from various quarters. In his comments, the PM had referred to Pakistan’s model where elections are held under an interim government. The comments should not be misinterpreted to imply interference in Afghanistan’s internal affairs.” It further states, “Pakistan has no other interest in Afghanistan but to promote peace through an ‘Afghan owned’ and ‘Afghan led’ political process. PM of Pakistan has taken personal interest in facilitating the ongoing political reconciliation process and the same must not be misconstrued to undermine the sincere efforts of Pakistan or to create misunderstandings at this crucial stage of the process. Prime Minister of Pakistan understands the plight of brave people of Afghanistan, who have a right to live in peace after four decades of violence and war.” No one could neglect the fact that since a long Pakistan has dual standards regarding Afghanistan. Apparently at each and every forum, Islamabad always making tall claims regarding helping peace and reconciliation process and addressing sincerely miseries of Afghans. But internally the acts are always different. Still almost Afghans, included those millions who remain as refugees in Pakistan are unhappy of Pakistan’s Afghan policies. They admitting the facts of getting unprecedented hospitality and behavior of common men but they regret state-organs especially secret agencies dominated civil-military establishment policies towards Afghanistan. As a result, now common Afghans have been made disgruntled by Islamabad whereas bilateral trade between the two neighbouring countries is on verge of collapse. Pakistan and Afghanistan are not only two neighbouring countries but its millions of people are linked in unbreakable relations with each other. Official data at Kabul confirming matrimonial relations between 163,000 couple from both the sides. It means that these 163,000 couple are relatives of millions of others. Instead of making attempts to destabilize the peace talks, Islamabad needs to help in empowering of a “friendly government” with consensus of Afghans in Kabul, which might be suitable not only for Pakistan but for the whole region.

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