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Editorial: Careless driving

It seems that the daily traffic accidents would not change the drivers. The road mishaps also failed to wake up the authorities who are responsible for maintaining roads and implementing traffic laws. Due to inattention of the government officials and careless drivers, people are facing death threats on daily basis when travelling in public transport. Looking at the current situation, it is feared that the road accidents would increase further because the high-ranking government officials are busy in securing their posts or fixed eyes at something that has nothing to do with welfare of public as most of the highways are in depilated condition.

The deadly road accident on Sunday in southern Zabul province shall be taken as a wakeup call, both by the authorities and drivers. As many as 38 commuters lost their lives and 28 others were serious injured in Shar-e-Safa district of the province when a fuel tanker collided with a bus. The collision on the highly busy Kandahar-Kabul highway caused a massive explosion as the tanker was fuel of petrol. According to the provincial administration only six dead bodies were identified because the rest were completely burnt. The death of 38 people is a shock for hundreds of people including, family members, friends and relatives of the deceased.

Someone has to be held responsible for the death of 38 people. There is no denying that it is responsibility of the government to implement the traffic laws in letter and spirit. Those who break the traffic rules are fined. The rules apply on everyone, irrespective of their profession, tribal affiliation and influence. When it comes to traffic rules, indiscrimination not only reduces traffic accidents and build good image of the country but also generate revenues in shape of fines. Sadly, blame game and political issues have caught attention of the leaders more than enforcing the laws to keep the house in order.

It is very unfortunate that civilians are losing their lives due to inattention of the government towards important issues. Overhauling and capacity building of traffic police is left in doldrums despite the staggering number of traffic accidents. The drivers are playing with lives of passengers. The Sunday traffic accident in Zabul was not the first. If the relevant authorities have taken concrete steps, the public transport have been safer today.

Therefore, the government should leave no stone unturned to make the public transport safe to travel in. The media shall also play its role in educating the people to stop drivers from violating traffic rules. Local media organizations shall plan special awareness programs to educate drivers. The government shall be supported to reduce the traffic accidents and road rage.

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