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Editorial: Carelessness totally unforgivable

Without doubt, the importance of providing training to the Afghan security forces to protect our motherland and also to prevent the comeback of international terrorist can’t be overestimated. But that does not mean that they are not capable at the time. They lonely defeated the Taliban insurgents in their last year spring offensive, with killing and wounding dozens of them. The evil designs of the other militant outfits were also dashed to the ground. But, of course more training would strengthen them further. Afghanistan’s future is at the hand of brave Afghan security forces, and sans their indefatigable efforts there have been no peace, prosperity and stability. The so-called peace in the country is only because of security forces that rendered huge sacrifices at the line of duty. We are truly proud of our security forces. They are true son of this soil. The Afghan masses have 100 percent confidence in the Afghan security forces, and pinned high hope in their strong wings to fight against any aggression. Certainly, the security forces have proved metal to the Taliban and other terrorist outfits in the battlefield, making tireless efforts to nip the evil in the bud across the country. At the same time, the role of Afghan Air Forces in helping ground forces in the battleground against insurgents is undeniable. Air forces through targeting militant hideouts sustained heavy causalities to the militants. Their (militants) several weapon deposits have also been destroyed. The improvement of security forces is indeed a significant milestone for Afghan people and the government. It is not a wall-type statement, as even the commander of US Central Command in 2016, during the change-of-command ceremony, said that Afghanistan has made tremendous progress over the years, and it remains a “very, very worthy” security investment. The Afghan security forces are taking the fight to the enemy and they are providing for the security of the country, the commander said. But, the most annoying news appeared that dozens of security forces were killed in the Shahjoy district of southern Zabul province. However, there are conflicting reports regarding casualties as some says 20, while other reported 25 killed. But the point is that why such big incident is to be taken place. Such incident is not acceptable, as security forces live is important than gold, and other worthy thing in the globe. For the country like Afghanistan, where the war—which is not properly explained war with whom, is not seen to get end, it is absolutely intolerable to see 25 security forces to be killed. 10 security forces were also wounded in the attack, claimed by the Taliban insurgents. Provincial Governor, Bismellah Afghanmal confirming the heart-wrenching incident, said militants attacked police check-post on Saturday night. Though militants were also received casualties, but exact figure is not available. We understand that Afghanistan is in war, and war takes lives, but attack like check-post is reversible. It just needs proper instructions—which is lacking, and some straight roles—which is rare. Surely, negligence is behind the killing of dozens forces. The trend of negligence is no more acceptable, it has to be ended. This leaning kills our security forces, a human resource that without their strong confrontation, the militants with the covert and overt support by some regional countries could have taken Kabul within days. Security forces are our pride, and carelessness is totally unforgivable.

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