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Editorial: Caught in uncertainty

The Afghan people have stuck in difficult situation as they don’t know either to be optimistic or have concern regarding their future. It is obvious that continued fighting had put negative impact on their life and made them hopeless about their future. The Afghan masses also believe that at some how the upcoming springs would be more deadly and their condition become worse as we did not reach regional consensus in the fight against terrorism. It has been over a decade that we have been fighting militant outfits but no end see in sight, instead by cover and overt support of some neighboring countries, they (militants) is getting stronger. But at the same time when we see changes in regional approach and our foreign policy, it creates hope to be optimistic regarding future of our motherland. When we see Pakistan—a state that has been supporting and harboring terrorist outfits since long time, become under pressure, it give us some more optimism. However, when we see that our Afghan security forces are giving huge casualties to the part of militants, it gives us optimism as well. When we see our foreign policy is working very well, it also gives us hope. When we see there have been some numerous changes, especially Afghanistan has now giving more priority by the international community, so it is a positive change. However, looking at problems from IDPs to attacking our worshippers in mosques, from carrying out of big suicide attack in Kabul, the capital city, to our military basis—to do a quick scan all the situation in the country, it gives anther picture while washing away concepts to be optimistic. However, a new survey recently reported that optimism among the Afghans about the direction of the country has slightly increase, reversing a decade-long downward trajectory in the national mood. But at the same time, fears about security and economy affect attitudes about future as a large number of the respondents indicate they would leave the country if afforded the opportunity. The finding of the survey conducted by the Asia Foundation are based on face-to-face interviews with more than 10,000 Afghan citizens representing all major and most minor ethic groups in all 34 provinces. It is totally understandable that despite some many achievements made during past years, still Afghanistan is the most fragile and violation country. But it will not remain the same as honesty and dedication to change the present situation is clearly visible, but it’s obviously time-consuming. We demand our government to beside fighting insurgent outfits, the leaders of National Unity Government should also focus on educational development, maintaining better security, improving famers living standard by elevating agriculture sectors, building more roads, bridges, and construction of more residential houses. The Afghan masses will always support the government in every area.

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