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Editorial: Ceasefire ended

The unilateral ceasefire that lasted for 18 days ended. But anytime could be resumed. President Ashraf Ghani already said he was ready to extend the ceasefire anytime when the Taliban are ready. Offensive operations took up again on Saturday after Ghani called off truce with the Taliban. There was much exception over truce, but giving cold shoulder to extend ceasefire by Taliban group beyond declared three-day during Eid days, have lapsed truce with more deadly attacks. But three-day truce for Eid, had been 98 percent successful, President Ghani believed. With no doubt, the three days of no fighting were unprecedented in the past 17-year with triggering jubilant scenes across the country. This was most beautiful scene ever to see Afghan security forces and Taliban members posing for selfies, and hugging each other. Even the militants mobbed by relieved civilians, who have borne the brunt of the war. As whole, the short ceasefire raised hopes for a renewed push for peace talks. To be honest a three-day cessation of violence was miracle as zero Afghan security forces and civilians were killed or wounded. Thought two suicide attacks in second and third Eid ripped eastern Nangarhar province with dozens casualties, but it had nothing to do with ceasefire as Daesh (IS) extremist group claimed responsibility and was exclusion from ceasefire. Anyways, the biggest concern is that both sides resumed operations against each other. President Ghani ordered security forces to resume offensives across the country. The entire Afghan nation becomes fed up with war, knowing the fact that it is an imposed war on us. Only Afghans are victims of the ongoing war. It is better to revive reconciliation process because nothing can be gained with killing the ordinary Afghans. In the related and urgent category, all parties must be made to understand that by continuing the fight, they are only worsening the suffering and despair of the people. In the first quarter of this year, Afghanistan sustained 2,258 civilian casualties and Taliban insurgents account for the vast majority of them. So war is not solution to any problems, also not to the Taliban’s—best way is to join peace and continue their struggle through political channels in a very democratic and peaceful environment. War is another name of destruction. It brings with it endless number of maladies in the name of poverty, crimes, innocent killings, social unrest, food crisis and so on. When look at the countries affected by war, especially Afghanistan, we see tears and tragedies of innocent victims. It is time for Taliban to shun violence by extending truce and continue efforts in building and rebuilding of Afghanistan instead of destruction.

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