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Editorial: Ceasing war?

The US diplomats and the Taliban representatives are inching close to sign a peace agreement, likely in few days, while conflicts sill continuing as the Taliban fighters not only rejected ceasefire call rather intensified unhuman attacks, killing and wounding dozens of innocent people. This caused the Afghan security forces to have increase their operations against Taliban and its strongholds nationwide. Within past two days, nearly 300 Taliban fighters have been killed in aerial and ground operation of Afghan forces. In return, the numbers of security forces’ casualty have been decreased dramatically than before, where casualties were high. The Taliban group even rejected ceasefire offer proposed byPeace Consultative LoyaJirga held in lateApril this year. The participations called on Taliban to express willingness for a dignify peace that leads to bring a halt into killing of innocent Afghans. Rejection of truce, and no green signal toward peace process, have left the government with no potation but to label the Taliban as traitors, who work in favored of regional intelligences.

The big question and concern is that when the bloodbath of the Afghans be stopped. Both the security forces and the Taliban are belonging to this soil. Really not care about foreign fighters who following their master’s agenda setting abroad in the name of Taliban. Afghanistan has been witnessing domestic conflicts since many years. Through years of violence, the difficulties that Afghan masses went through was absolute unspeakable. Our people lost their nearest and dearest ones and prey victims of political chaos, and Taliban added to their miseries during their rule and now when its fighters conducting terroristic activities taken innocent lives for undone sins. However, the Taliban still positing them on the tough stand by not lunching direct talks with Afghan government. But no wrong expectation is doing round from government side because comparison of government with Taliban would be a great wickedness. If the Taliban want leverage by means of violence, it doesn’t mean the government to do the same. It should rather try to find ways to end unprecedented violence and restore peace—a dream Afghans having for ages. However, when Taliban groupis now at somehow taking political tool as solution to 18-year war, and already 9th round of peace talks with US peace envoy is about to conclude in positive way in Doha of Qatar, it is imperative for the group to node for ceasefire to smoothly enter into intra-Afghan talks.Moreover, Afghans are victim in the both sides, this is historic time for both Government-Taliban to show humbleness on their own people and bring happiness tears to the eyes of the citizens than the agony they had already brought to many homes in Afghanistan.

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