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Editorial: Celebrate the print media pioneer!

July 22 marks the 14th anniversary of this fine establishment, the Afghanistan Times, which is undeniably the leading English newspaper nationwide. Our staffers are celebrating this day on which the daily came into existence and are proud to be part of an organization that is committed to serving the nation through its impartial, transparent and fair news. Our daily enters into the 15th year in its journey as a symbol of freedom of expression and institutionalization of democracy. Despite going through many ups and downs up till now, the daily has remained steadfast in being the true and eloquent voice of the nation. It’s a great honor for the Afghanistan Times’ family to observe professionalism and journalistic ethics in news-making in the face of raging instability and harsh circumstances in the country. It is of immense significance that Afghanistan Times as an independent English outlet has set a record in the country in conveying the extensive message of people to its readers. Considering the status-quo, we operate by the principle that when our country faces challenges, media people should turn into soldiers and pens turn into swords against the enemy. To achieve this end, our daily has been consistently making all-out efforts to be the echoing voice in making the public aware of facts, as well as facilitating access to information, which is the bloodline in keeping the government in check. Therefore, the tireless endeavors of the mass media, especially of this pioneer in printing media, should be extolled and celebrated. Also, given that the freedom of expression is one of the biggest achievements in the country over the past 19 years, the government needs to deliberate on its every action that affects media. Recently, there have been attempts to censor and limit the independent activities of media as unreasonable and unnecessary amendments were being pushed forward in the media law. However, fortunately, the united stand by media was successful in bringing the amendments to a halt. Thus, the government should consult the media family, or rather support it, in whatever aspect it wants to bring changes to the fourth pillar of democracy – literally the media. Afghanistan Times takes pride in being non-partisan in discharging the mandate of that fourth pillar and being a candid voice in evaluating every move of the government while relying on its mere self-generated resources and revenues. Afghanistan Times wants to continue and preserve its status of being the epitome of fearless journalism while inviting other media outlets to be the same.

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