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Editorial: Celebrations in Iran

People in neighbouring Islamic Republic of Iran are engaged in celebrating 40th year of the Islamic Revolution, which they have mustered under the dynamic leadership of Imam Khomeini in 1979. The Islamic Revolution, which is now not only reality but is unbelievable for certain so-called champions of democracy and human rights, has ended thousands year kingdom. At the beginning certain countries especially US led allies were of the view that Islamic Revolution in Iran wouldn’t survive but people of Iran under the leadership of Imam Khomeini have not only made wrong all predictions but today they proved themselves as most self-reliant nation of the world, by achieving unprecedented development in each and every sector despite hurdles, blockades and opposition by fellow regional countries. The Islamic Republic of Iran is celebrating 40th annual celebration of its revolution amidst hectic efforts for peace and reconciliation by both the former foes i.e. United States and Russian Federation, considered legacy of former Soviet Union. Though Iran has time and again reaffirmed its apparent stance regarding a negotiated solution to long standing Afghan conflict but its leadership seems too much alert and intends to ensure safety to its internal and external interests. In fact, Iran seems to be in fear of Islamic States (IS) also known as Daesh presence in parts and parcels in Afghanistan and on such grounds, its leadership has established links with Taliban (Emirate Islami Afghanistan leadership someone and half a year back. Similarly the Iranian leadership has also made a success in building up an understanding with the Russian leadership on Afghanistan issue. And at the same time despite huge “con’s and pron’s” the Iranian leadership are in close understanding and continue contacts with Pakistani leadership. Most recently the Iranian leadership succeeded in lifting of maximum sanctions imposed against it by US led allies in mid of previous 80’s. Going into details, no one can neglect the fact that Iran made too much advancement in last 40 years. Common Iranian nationals are showing extra ordinary interests in ongoing peace efforts in Afghanistan as they believe that ending of turmoil and terror in Afghanistan is beneficial also to them. Due to turmoil in Afghanistan Iran also suffered a lot. But now the situation is emerging encouraging for leaders and people of Iran. Iran after Pakistan is considered second major neighbor of Afghanistan and situation of Afghanistan adversely affecting the Iranians since a long. In Afghanistan, the hard liner Sunni especially those who are linked with likeminded religious groups of Pakistan always remain hostile towards Iran and some of the Shia Afghans also didn’t wasting any opportunity of defending Iran at different forums. Some of the Iranian leaders and intellectuals are ironic over the peace negotiation as no any of the self-styled stake holders mentioning name of Daaesh. They considering Daaesh another shape of Al Qaeda, which at once backed by America and Saudi Arab. And through Al Qaeda, the US succeeded in landing at South Asia as well as making lives of some of Arab countries terrible. They believe that US retreat in Afghanistan could also be considered a “beginning of new US adventure” in the region.

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