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Editorial: Children caught in misery

The situation of children is an unmitigated melancholy. Children of Afghanistan continuously bear the brunt of an imposed and uncalled-for war. They are suffering from a conflict to which no end seems at sight. The growing violence all across Afghanistan is taking toll on lives, education, health and wellbeing of children. Unrest spews psychological impacts on children, tarnishes their morale and destroys their future. A recent terrorist attack on a tuition center in south of Kabul which killed dozens of schoolchildren and injured scores of them is appalling and a manifestation that children’s safety is steadily at jeopardy. From the past generations, Afghanistan has borne witness to unrest and crippling infightings. Children have been a victim of radicalism, totalitarianism and now terrorism. In fact they have survived through tough times of civil strife, authoritarianism, and tumultuous democracy. Children of Afghanistan are victims of war and oblivion. The responsibility that goes in our shoulder is to spare no effort to safeguard them, as they are our future maker. At the moment they are striving with plenty of challenges, including poverty, which is the core reason behind child labor as well. Children stack with a bunch dilemma – they bear all the pain, which is hazardous.  At least a quarter of children between ages 5 and 14 work for a living or to help their families. Many are employed in jobs that can result in illness, injury, or even death due to hazardous working conditions and poor enforcement safety and health standards.  They are generally working long hours with little or no pay.  But the greatest threat is terrorists that kill those children who are economically in good condition. It is a matter of grave concern that children continue to be the hardest hit during uncertain situation, especially over the past week. Attacking against an education center in Kabul that killed or critically wounded dozens of children is deplorable. This has to be stop. All warring parties to the conflict must spare no efforts to protect children.

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