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Editorial: Civil employees and activists victims of terrorism

Different types of attacks have been recently targeted very innocent people in Kabul and the provinces. The people who are not and have never been in the battlefields against Taliban or any other armed group so the attackers could have an excuse to justify that they have taken revenge of their comrades. They have been ordinary people working for the media outlets, hospitals, some non-government organs or school and university students who had been endeavoring for supporting their poor families or making hoping for a brighter future for themselves, their families and their homeland. Everybody has this question in mind that ‘what is the reason of targeting civilian?’ and ‘what advantage do the terrorist groups take from killing of innocent people?’

No answer would justify the attacks and no one can convince the suffering people who have witnessed the death and injuries of their loved ones, relatives, friends and colleagues. The security situation is getting as worse as the people do not hope to see and meet their families and other relatives when they leave for work in the morning. People now fear to pass the roadsides where the armored vehicles or other fashionable cars that senior government officials are able to buy and drive because of the fear from magnetic bombs that are these days the new tactic of terrorist groups. What makes the people surprised is that both the government and Taliban militants condemn attacks, so they don’t know who is behind the attack and who should be accountable for killing them.

If the situation continues as it is now and if the government officials remain silent and keep being content with condemnation letters and false promises to take revenge of innocent bloods shed by terrorists, people will lose more trust to the Palace and people living in it with no worries from being attacked or losing their sons, daughters and other dear ones. The rift already divided people from government, is going to deepen and widen by passing of each day. The result will be that people mourn for their loved ones and Palace dwellers will continue issuing condemnation letters and the attackers will continue killing people with no fear from any punishments.

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