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Editorial: Civilians as casualties

Insecurity is growing with a tremendous speed which had not only increased the trust deficit between the public and the government, but it also caused panic in the power corridors. The intense fighting between the Daesh or Islamic State terrorists and the Afghan security forces in the Kot district of eastern Nangarhar province is just a tip of the iceberg. Daesh fighters also have presence in a few other districts of the province such as Achin. If the fighting is so fierce in Kot district and puzzled the provincial and central governments then what would be the temperature when the fighting breaks out in Achin and other districts of Nangarhar at the same time. What would be the pulse of security apparatus when the Taliban also launches large-scale attacks in northern and southern parts of the country, simultaneously?

May be the relevant authorities have thought about it. Perhaps, they may succeed in turning the tide of insecurity towards the anti-Afghanistan forces. However, it would cost something very precious—lives of civilians. May be the Taliban and other insurgent groups would succeed in pressurizing the government through increased terror attacks but the casualties would be only or mostly civilians. As a matter of fact, civilians have become worst enemies of the Taliban because the jobless youth cannot join governmental organizations. They are also barred from joining certain non-governmental organizations and media outlets. The insurgent outfits do not provide solution to the problems of Afghan masses but only add to their injury.

Today’s deadliest suicide attacks proves that the Taliban have no soft corner for the feelings of Afghan people. The insurgent group has no respect for humans because today (Thursday) it killed dozens of people in minutes. They were sons and brothers. Their lives were precious. Killing of over 27 people and leaving 40 others injured in a single day proves that the country has really become a godforsaken land due to evil deeds of those groups who called themselves true sons of the country and servants of the religion. Neither they are sons of this country nor servants because they had not served Afghanistan and God.

Now the question is that where should the civilians go? They are killed by insurgents and foreign troops also. Night raids and collateral damage had been the main cause of frustration between the previous Afghan government and the Obama administration. Moreover, the government failed to provide security to public. The government had repeatedly failed after repeated calls to protect lives of the civilians through improved security measures. The insurgents have employed different tactics to kill people. Sometimes they are killed on the pretext of working for the government and sometimes on the pretext of not siding with them. The civilians have no place to go and seek shelter from the brutalities of the insurgents and failures of the government.

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