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Editorial: Collateral losses, damages

Amidst resuming of talks between US Special Envoy and Taliban leaders at Doha, Qatar from Monday, former President Hamid Karzai has shown sever resentment over targeting of civilian population in military’s retaliatory actions against what the government called militants. The talks believed to be results oriented in the wake of recent developments, which might be a ray of hope for those countrymen who are desirous for peace and normalcy in the motherland after over four decades. However, continuation of targeting the civilian population in air strikes and ground attacks of armed forces is a matter of great concern, which also makes disgruntled those who are attaching hopes and expectations with the US brokered peace efforts. According to Hamid Karzai office statement, once again like of recent past, the civilian population was targeted in Jalga district of Maidan Wardag province of Afghanistan, inflicting losses to human lives and properties in that already affected area. Targeting of civilian population in a village of Maidan-Wardak is not first ever incident. Earlier similar innocent and helpless civilians throughout the country suffered a lot. In fact these civilians are unable to shift and live like internally displaced people near to urban cities and towns. Even they couldn’t afford transportation charges and are compelled to stay in the areas which are converted into battle ground between the parties involved in encounter or conflict against each other’s since a long. No one can deny the fact that almost fell victims in terror acts or in clashes between the security forces and opposition resistance elements are helpless civilians. Now when the armed forces and US troops as well are engaged in defending on interior security and are claiming making safe and secure lives and properties of civilians, therefore it needs to ensure avoiding of bombing and shelling against the civilian population. Similarly armed forces must confirm the informer’s reports before going to attack or raid the hideouts or sanctuaries. The Afghans suffered a lot in imposed wars and hostilities and now they couldn’t afford to be used as coal in other’s war. The elders of tribes and communities throughout rural villages and hamlets needs to convince the civilians of avoiding shelter and accommodation to armed persons who are either linked with different militant groups or having intentions of carrying out terrorist acts. Now when the US peace efforts are entering into a decisive phase, high ups of its troops in Afghanistan needs to remain very careful at this stage. Targeting and inflicting losses to civilian populations are not only affecting the peace process but it enable the enemies-the enemies of peace of provoking the civilians against the government, armed forces and the US troops helping in writ of the state.

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