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Editorial: Complexities of the war

Afghanistan is in its defining moment. Anything terrible can happen, but it is reversible, still there is room to prevent any possible crisis in the wake of foreign troop withdrawal. We are in a whirl of unending war and turmoil. It has been for over four decades that peace or state of normalcy is a distant dream. There was extremely high expectation when the Afghan-Taliban peace members met for the first time to talk and put aside differences through dialogues. However, it shattered when Taliban intensified assaults across the country. The international community plus regional countries have tried well to get the Taliban militants reconciled through an ongoing peace process that already failed. So far nothing substantial has happened, rather Afghanistan is on the brink of another civil war. With all complexity and ambiguity on the table of peace talks alike in the battlefield, it has raised many questions as to where Afghanistan might be possibly heading. There is no idea, completely not how peace talks would evolve. As the Taliban’s onslaught continues and are gaining large swaths of territory, will no longer give a prospective to think that talks and negotiations could help reach a compromise political settlement to the war. Taliban are in the position of power as they have swept through Afghanistan with some districts already fallen, and some soldiers surrendering without a fight, takes this complexity to an unthinkable level. The irony is that the mediators of the Taliban are playing a very important role in convincing soldiers in their respective areas to surrender in return for safe passage. Taliban are trying to show to the world that they are more powerful and can overturn Afghanistan in the shortest time after foreign troops exist. Obviously, it’s not possible that the Taliban should win a military victory because many people don’t like them and already they took up arms against them. Indeed, Afghanistan is in its historic moment, but nothing is impossible to turn Afghanistan into an area of stability and peace. Without doubt, the US has signed a deal with the Taliban from a position of weakness, but now the ball is on the court of Afghan elites and leaders. They must accelerate work for an Afghan-owned peace and also Afghan-command fight. As much as the Afghan leaders tremendously supported the peace process, it’s a proper time to show the same level of support to the Afghan security forces. They are the sole source of hopefulness and we are fully confident in their strong wings. They are defending territorial integrity, national independence and national unity of Afghanistan. In their honor, our nation must be mobilized, and our leaders must be united in order to win this imposed war.

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