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Editorial: Confusing loom

It is very much confusing to see that some high-ranking officials instead of supporting the incumbent government are engaged in making coalition. At status-quo, Afghanistan is in dire need of strong central government to deal with every sort of challenges posing from inside and outside of the country. It is a fact that some regional players are not holding positive intention toward Afghanistan—rather seek their interest in weak Afghanistan. Everyone is aware of conspiracies that for long time have been engineering by some neighbors, fueling war and creating friction in Afghanistan. This is a visible reality and everyone from the government officials to NGO workers and Afghan commoners are well aware of this sacred fact. Behind every uncertainty, one can easily find the evil hands of foreigners. It is quite noticeable that some neighbors doing everything under its capacity to destabilize Afghanistan through supporting and harboring militants. They also try to find ways inside the government aimed at flagging the backbone of the government. However, the fortunate and encouraging point is that the enemies of Afghanistan despite striving hard have been failed all the time in their evil designs. The Afghans will never give up. We are not turning blind eye that security situation across the country is not good. War on terror is not moving on the right track. Even the US officials itself said that American cannot win the war in Afghanistan. In an article published recently in National Interest magazine, the former US Ambassador to Afghanistan James Cunningham said there is no guarantee that American can win in Afghanistan, but it is quite clear that it can lose. At some stage he is right, when US can’t win with 100,000 troops, what difference would a few thousands more now make. Currently, US is at eye to send more troops, a move that many believes that troops surge would not be useful, instead work should be done in further improving the capacity of Afghan security forces. The Afghan security forces are fighting Taliban and other militant outfits with high moral; there is no doubt on it. But what we want to provide them with state-of-the-art weaponries. Taking this in view, the Afghan masses from hero to zero has to stand shoulder to shoulder with the National Unity Government and support the government in order to defuse any sort of conspiracies by the enemies. Recently, a new alliance formed by leaders from three mainstream Afghan political parties including Jamiat-e-Islami, the National Unity of People of Afghanistan and the National Islamic Movement of Afghanistan. It is better for the Afghan leaders to come under one roof and make a coalition comprise of everyone aimed at dashing to the ground every kind of conspiracies of the sworn enemies of Afghanistan. It is the only way which meets the national interests. Wise and patriotic nations across the World always prefer national interests over individual ones. Let’s join hands for this sacred cause to pull out our motherland from all the conspiracies and miserable situations which needs vigilance, tolerance and national unity.

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