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Editorial: Confusing war ‘on terrorism’

In the ongoing fight against terrorism seems that something is going very much wrong in the way of combating the intimidation. If it is like layperson, it would be wonderful, if there is anyone to explain what might be going on in the way of eliminating terrorism. The Afghan masses that are the worst victims are eager to know what exactly happening, and fears that this deadly threat would not last till doomsday. The feverish campaign has been in card for many years against terrorists, and on daily basis a large number of militants are being killed and wounded. Pakistan is a country to be named in every single issues regarding militancy, as it support and harbor them. In the status quo, Pakistan army has been carrying out anti-militants operations in different parts of its country, where dozens of terrorists were eliminated in just few days. The very much interesting and puzzling point is that why Pakistan targeted them today? Was Pakistan won’t had evidence to prove they were militants or they were hided for a correct time and reason? If they were terrorists, Pakistan must be responding why militants were not killed before, and if not, why they were killed in the name of militants. Pakistan should detain suspects, but since military operations conducting in Pashtun belts area, Pakistani forces are killing even the suspects. Anyways, insurgents could not be differentia ethnically—they should be abolished at any ways and means.

Addressing a gathering at the 19th Asian Security Conference in Delhi, Haneef Atmar the National Security Advisor said: “We share the region with Pakistan, which has the highest concentration of terrorist anywhere. Despite international investment in counter-terrorism, terrorism is growing its capabilities and presence in the region. We hope that Pakistan will never allow them sanctuary.” The number of the fighters of the terrorist groups have deployed in Afghanistan at between 40,000 to 45,000 of whom roughly one in four is foreign. This includes global and Pakistani fighters. If the policy of good and bad terrorists persist, and the selective distinction between militants among some regional actors is a wrong policy and will certainly backfire. Developing of coordinate response is crucial as terrorism remains a pervasive challenge and poses serious threat to global peace and security. Time is ripe for all the actors to stand with each other as a one allies to jointly fight menace of terrorisms. The threat of terrorisms must have not felt like a gamble game—given could shoulder would kill us entirely.

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